About Avalon

Avalon is a small, family run, independent hotel and restaurant.

Alix and Kevin moved to Avalon in 2011 and now live happily ever after!

The team at Avalon has worked together for a long time.  We are professional, creative, and multi-cultural. 

Staff enjoy good working conditions. Contracts are permanent and work is well paid. We all have 8 weeks holiday per year. 

Team Avalon Nerja


Avalon is surrounded by the countryside and by the Mediterranean Sea.  Agriculture is all around us.  Nerja is a thriving community of independent businesses.  We work with these family businesses and have done for many years.  Our fruit, vegetables and eggs come from Nerja, as is our meat supplier.  Our fish comes from Malaga, 55kms away.

Avalon is set in beautiful gardens.  No chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used.  Wildlife is encouraged with water, the planting of trees and wild spaces at the edges!  We compost…

Avalon has reduced its carbon footprint and the impact on the environment.

All light bulbs are LED lightbulbs or solar powered.

Reflective window film is used in all the bedrooms.  This blocks up to 82% of heat whilst keeping the fabulous views.

100% of air conditioning units are inverters.  These have a 30-50% better efficiency than conventional ACs. 


We don’t use single serve toiletries, instead we refill bottles using a good quality shower gel.  We do the same with all cleaning products.

In 2019 we installed a new industrial kitchen. We reduced our gas usage by 77.47%. We also changed our electricity supplier to Fenie Energia, who produce 100% of their electricity from renewable resources.

We recycle all plastic, glass, metal and cardboard.  We recycle every 3 days and separate it ourselves.

Our bar and restaurant has no air conditioning.  It is naturally cool in Summer because of the traditional design of the building.  In Winter it is heated by an open fire.  We burn sustainably sourced olive wood. 

We have planted at least 35 trees in the gardens at Avalon (it’s a big garden).  These trees are drought resistant and indigenous to Spain.

Avalon has a grey water system.  This system filters the water from the wash hand basins and showers in the bedrooms to water the garden.

The restaurant at Avalon serves an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our bottled water is from Lanjarón, 35 kms from Avalon.  The lorry brings water in glass bottles and collects the empty bottles which are sterilised and re-used.  All beer and soft drinks are served in glass bottles which are collected by the companies and reused.

All wines, fish, meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables are sourced from Spain, much of it from Andalucía and as much as possible from the provinces of Malaga and Granada. The only exception to this is our fillet steak, which comes from Germany. This is because the quality of the meat is much better, and the farm has an excellent reputation for the treatment of it’s animals.

The oil from the fryers is recycled into biodiesel and used in our ancient car. 

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